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Dave Hall, CPA graduated from Southern Utah University in 1994, with a master’s degree in accounting.  Over the last 25 years, Dave has helped thousands of Americans limit their exposure to federal, state, and local taxes.  He has done this by focusing on little known tax and retirement strategies many other advisors often overlook.    

As the founder of The Prosperity Guy, Dave has expanded his focus to where he now consults and educates on the main financial risks facing retirees.  Dave has educated more certified public accountants (CPAs), enrolled agents (EAs), and their clients on retirement risk than any other advisor in the country.  Dave shares his knowledge through public speaking events, webinars, a podcast, and thousands of one-on-one strategy sessions with those who are trying to plan for a safe and secure retirement.

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SOCIAL SECURITY: A COMPLETE OVERVIEW OF THE PROGRAM & BENEFITS   Available Date Monday, September 21, 2020: 12:00 PM Eastern

Why The Prosperity Guy?

The Prosperity Guy is a retirement risk management company that is quickly becoming a top brand in the industry.  Dave Hall started the company in 2019, with a focus on eliminating tax-rate risk in retirement.  Since that time, the company has continued to expand their offerings to include multiple courses, a podcast and various planning opportunities around the financial risks facing retirement.  These risks include tax-rate risk, longevity risk, sequence-of-return risk, withdrawal rate risk, inflation risk, income diversity risk, long-term care risk and social security risk.

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