Bridging the financial gap that exists between you and your retirement.

Tax rates in the future are likely to be much higher than they are today.

Is your retirement plan ready?

Learn how to avoid the coming tax freight train and maximize your retirement.


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Be sure to check out season 1 of the Prosperity Gap that break down financial literacy.

Are You in the Zero Percent Tax Bracket?

David McKnight bestselling author and speaker joined the podcast to discuss the zero percent tax bracket. There's no such thing as a 0% tax bracket. We know that the tax rates started 10, 12, 22, 24, 32, 35 and 37 but 0% simply refers to a situation in retirement where you are not paying any taxes at all.

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How are you doing on your budget?

Clarissa Moore, the Budget Queen joined the podcast to talk all about woman, and finances. She is dedicated to helping you budget smarter, crush your savings goals and she knows how to get your credit score back up.

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Are You Ready to Get Paid Doing What You Love?

Daniella Flores from I Like to Dabble joined the podcast to discuss all about side hustles We all find ourselves going through cycles where we get our budget in order and then we spend and spend. We end up paying for it or it forces us to improvise and that is where side hustles come in.

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Are you looking to become financial free?

How do you get started? Julie Judd from The Money Wisdom Coach joined the podcast to discuss steps to taking control of your life and living your financial dream.

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Are you Ready to Improve Your Money and Marriage?

Murphy and Melissa Stewart from FitnFunds.com joined the podcast to talk all about money and marriage. They started their financial journey in the Fall of 2013. Today they are debt free after paying off $229,000 of debt.

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Are you ready to beat student loan debt?

One of the biggest frustrations we deal with today...Student Loans! Jay Fleischman, Student Loan Lawyer from Money Wise Law.com joined the podcast to explain Student Loan debt and how to move through this tricky obstacale the government has created. He shares how to avoid pitfalls and helps you to make the right decision for you or your kids while in college.

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